Grace’s Place is excited to be able to offer these tax credits for sale. The proceeds will help us renovate our new location – and reach more children in need. The tax credits will help you too! Read on to learn more or contact us for more information.

NAP (Neighborhood Assistance Program) Tax Credits

Additional Information

Grace’s Place Announces Opportunity to Sell Missouri Tax Credit

Grace’s Place has been approved by the Missouri Department of Economic Development to participate in the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credit program. Eligible donors utilizing Tax Credits can give Grace’s Place full benefit of their donation while allowing themselves to benefit on both their state and federal tax liability.

What are Tax Credits?

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in taxes which can be deducted directly from the taxes you owe. This opportunity is a popular way to support our organization, while also keeping your money right here in your own community. Donors may claim the tax credit when they file their Missouri tax return.




NAP (Neighborhood Assistance Program) Details and Requirements:

  • Businesses only AND individuals who operate a sole proprietorship, operate a farm, have rental property or have royalty income are also eligible, as well as a shareholder in an S-corporation, a partner in a Partnership or a member of a Limited Liability Corporation.
  • 50% Tax Credit
  • Not transferable, sellable or refundable
  • Carry forward 5 years
  • Within 45 days of receipt of the tax credit application, the Department of Economic Development determines tax credit eligibility and will notify the donor directly.
  • Requires signature to be notarized
  • NAP funds will assist in renovating a second location at 219 N Christina Avenue, Union, MO

How do I receive and use my tax credits?

The process is very simple:

  • Make an eligible contribution to Grace’s Place.
  • Complete and return a notarized tax credit application form, provided by Grace’s Place.
  • The Missouri Department of Economic Development will issue Tax Credits to you, which can be filed with your Missouri income tax return. The tax credits are applied to your total tax liability incurred for that tax period. The contributor has the tax year the contribution was given and five succeeding tax periods in which to use the credits, if the donor does not have enough tax liability in the tax year the contribution is made.

What size of contribution is required to take advantage of the Tax Credits?

The minimum donation to take advantage of the tax credits is $1,000.

How will the donations be used?

Grace’s Place is an emergency shelter for children and youth, licensed to provide crisis and respite care to children ages birth to 18 years old through the State of Missouri. We were founded in 2010 and can currently care for eight children at a time at our Washington, MO location. Each year, we have continued to provide over 15,000 hours of care to children in and around Franklin County. Grace’s Place is pleased to announce the purchase of a second location in Union, MO where an additional six children can receive care. These tax dollars will be used to completely renovate the interior of the Union location to create a safe and nurturing environment in which children can receive up to 30 days of care 24/7.

As in all cases, please consult a professional tax adviser regarding a donation of any kind.

Tax Credits are NOT sellable, transferable, or refundable.
For more information on NAP Tax Credits, visit the
Missouri Department of Economic Development website at

Help us furnish our second location in Union, MO by sponsoring one of the rooms below. Leave a lasting mark in your community for years to come.




Contact Grace’s Place to make a donation and claim your tax credits:

Amanda Jones
(636) 432-1313
302 Lafayette Street / PO Box 83
Washington, MO 63090


Check out this short video to watch a virtual tour of our Union location.