Crisis Care

Crisis Care provides support to families who are encountering a situation which could lead to loss of employment, loss of shelter or a child’s basic needs going unmet – in addition to any situation that could potentially lead to a child being abused and/or neglected.

Crisis circumstances could include:

  • Disruption in shelter due to utilities or rent being unpaid
  • Current domestic violence in the home
  • Imminent undue abuse and/or neglect
  • Parental/Sibling Illness or Death

Respite Care

Respite Care provides short-term support to families who are encountering high levels of parental stress. Respite circumstances could include:

  • ​Stress from caring for own children or children which you have guardianship over
  • High level of stress due to caring for a child suffering from developmental delays, mood disorders, and/or physical disability
  • Financial stress due to starting a new job without immediate funds for child care
  • Familial stress due to a single parent home

Case Management

Grace’s Place offers personalized case management services for families. We offer applicable resources for current situation and future referrals which will strengthen safety nets as families transition out of operating in a crisis state.

Mobile Counseling

Grace’s Place Mobile Counseling provides care where the kids are – both emotionally and geographically. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker works with children in the location and environment which best suits the child’s needs.